Pine Bed Project: Some Key Learnings

by Meredith 9. August 2015 15:13

After clearing out the cracks of extra wood fibers, I have started testing the filling process on pieces of the bed that won't be seen normally. These are the logs that the mattress will sit on.
1) I have discovered that the cracks are quite narrow so I actually need much much smaller pieces of glass than what I have here. I bought bags of tumbled glass off of the internet (it's roughly tumbled) and there is a variety to the sizes, but in some cases I need slivers to fit in these cracks. I ended up taking a hammer to some of it to break it up into smaller pieces.

2) Another key learning, placing all those little pieces into the cracks took way longer than I thought it would. But the results sure are pretty!

3) First pour has taught me that pouring without making a mess will be a new skill I have yet to master. Also, the deep cracks suck up a lot of resin. I'm glad I chose to fill with glass.

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