Pine Bed Project: Photo Proof

by Meredith 11. November 2015 14:27

Hunter recorded proof that I am working on the bed frame. It is a wet, cold, messy and miserable job. I wear ear protection so I can listen to podcasts while I work and after a couple of hours my ears are sore and my hands are numb. 

I'm using an electric palm sander to wet sand the large areas of epoxy that spilled over the side. Sometimes I can use a box knife to (carefully!) pry up the hardened drips but a lot of the ridges need to be sanded down. 80 to 100 grit works fairly well for the first pass and then I use a 180 to 220 to lightly go over the pine and even out the finish.

Those poor sawhorses will never be the same after this.

Pine Bed Project: Huge Mess

by Meredith 3. November 2015 13:13

Wet sanding the excess epoxy is making a HUGE mess. My frustration with trying to do perfect pours (and giving up) has led me to this path and down I am paying for it. It is very time consuming to carefully remove the epoxy and not the pine wood. I've got probably 4 more hours of sanding just on the foot board. Bonus of all of it is that I decided to take off all the old finish while I was at it so it will have a consistent color with the epoxy and my new varnish.

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