Go check out Crash Cart in the app store!

by Meredith 31. January 2014 18:35

Our latest game is live. Produced by Appsomniacs, Crash Cart is a racing game that combines obstacles and comical crashes into a fun driving challenge. Beyond just playing the game, Crash Cart also offers a track editor that players can use to bring their own racing ideas to the game. My contribution to the game was to produce background images, both new and edited existing, that players can choose from when building their own tracks. Check out my awesome background graphics in my gallery.





Another project for my limitless spare time

by Meredith 11. October 2013 16:15

Appsomniacs is working on a new game called Crash Cart™ and I am helping out with creating a few backgrounds. In between OryCon publications work I have done only a few. After the convention I will crank up the output. This background is inspired by Halloween coming up and I thought a Tim Burtonesque theme would be fun to make.






OryKids Logo

by Meredith 21. August 2013 21:54

OryCon 35 has a special programming track for kids and it needs a logo. I’ve created three options based on sci-fi themes (and kids). Number three is the one we’re going to try out this year.








Presentation: The Design & Development of Flip the Bird

by Meredith 8. January 2013 19:23

On Wednesday, January 9, I will be presenting at the PDX Adobe - Photoshop & Illustrator User's Group. Here are the presentation details and a PDF copy of the presentation.

"Graphic design and production for an iOS game," by Meredith Cook and colleague. Plus discussion with other users: designers, photographers, artists...

Come hear about the design and development of a published mobile game. The project's graphic designer and its coder will share their experiences. They'll focus on the game's graphics -- including technical requirements, tools, code integration, and the iterative process of development. Download the $0.99 game to your iPad or iPhone today.


LOCATION: TaborSpace, SE 55th + Belmont, Portland, OR. It's a big stone church building where classrooms are now for community use. Enter through the central doors (up stone steps), and look for signage. 

PARKING: Building has its own parking lot in the block to the west. 

TRANSIT. Bus line 15 stops right there.

6:00 Snacks and socializing
6:30 Program
7:40 Break, introductions (brief round robin), and networking
9:00 End

Rainbows, glitter and magic. Oh my!

by Meredith 30. June 2012 16:09

I got a request last weekend to create a graphic to represent the challenges of a particular project. Sometimes software is held together with rainbows, glitter and magic. Really it’s logic but not all of management recognizes that.

"All those 1s and 0s are just so sparkly!"

Flip the Bird got a good review from AppPicker

by Meredith 15. May 2012 22:21

Hey check it out, another good review for "Flip the Bird!" This one came with some really nice comments. Check out this one about the graphics: "The game possess fantastic graphics that are visually pleasing and fun to see."

AppPicker Review

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Play this game you must.

by Meredith 4. May 2012 16:45

Happy Star Wars Day from Flip the Bird!

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Flip the Bird: April Image

by Meredith 20. April 2012 22:26

Here's the April image for Flip...
(special thanks to John Cooney for the name idea "Flipsters")

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From the Graphics Desk: Flip the Bird Dev Update

by Meredith 20. March 2012 16:41

From my side of things... lots of little tweaks to the graphics that I think bump up the look of the game to a professional level. Really trying to create a cohesive look between the game elements and everything that relates to the HUD/user interface. A lot of it is subtle and buried within the details but I think in the end they add a lot of polish.

Now if we could just get the attention of the right people to bump up sales. :P Once this release goes out we're going to push marketing hard. At least as hard as we can without spending any money; we still have hardware to recover costs on. But I've got a list of over 100 sites to submit our game out for review. This will be an excellent experiment to see what the payoff of submitting to those sites can be.

Flip Dev Update

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A big thank you!

by Meredith 17. March 2012 22:30

Lovin' all the support. Thanks everyone! :D

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