Pine Bed Project: My Enemy is Amine Blush

by Meredith 16. October 2015 13:09

Epoxy has had plenty of time to cure so I have started wet sanding. I am discovering amine blush is a bitch. Wet sanding should be removing the cloudy haze (amine blush) but it hasn't been. It might be my process because I am using an electric sander and only wetting the wood and not the sandpaper. It works great for removing the excess epoxy but is probably rubbing the blush all over the wood.

I'm going to try wet sanding by hand first and really try to wash away the surface oil. Then use the power sander. I have to make sure all the amine blush is removed before I can apply a varnish on top. Plus I don't want it cloudy. Areas where the resin is clear look awesome!

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