Flip the Bird got a good review from AppPicker

by Meredith 15. May 2012 22:21

Hey check it out, another good review for "Flip the Bird!" This one came with some really nice comments. Check out this one about the graphics: "The game possess fantastic graphics that are visually pleasing and fun to see."

AppPicker Review

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Play this game you must.

by Meredith 4. May 2012 16:45

Happy Star Wars Day from Flip the Bird!

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Flip the Bird: April Image

by Meredith 20. April 2012 22:26

Here's the April image for Flip...
(special thanks to John Cooney for the name idea "Flipsters")

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A big thank you!

by Meredith 17. March 2012 22:30

Lovin' all the support. Thanks everyone! :D

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The race is on!

by Meredith 6. March 2012 15:49

Can we get the last of the game updates done before baby arrives?

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