Arianna's Mural: Star light, star bright…

by Meredith 11. March 2013 16:54

Glow in the dark stars...All the stars are glowing tonight! Got all the stars painted yesterday and put two coats of glow in the dark paint on them. They glow great once your eyes adjust to the dark. Tulip Glow in the Dark fabric paint is the best glowing stuff I have found do far. The Rustoleum stuff didn't work well at all.

Arianna's Mural: Sticker time

by Meredith 10. March 2013 16:51

Argo, HydraThe characters are done and now it is time to add the stars. I'm using poka-dot stickers as place holders for stars. It is working out really well because I can peel them off the wall and move them around until I get it right. I'm also using two different sizes to denote major and minor stars.

Arianna's Mural: Just Add Coffee

by Meredith 9. March 2013 15:31

VirgoLatest progress: Virgo, Leo and Pavo are done for this stage. I think Hercules is done too.

Worked on Arianna's mural until midnight last night. Made some good progress. I'll post a picture once I get some coffee. There are still more layers of work that need to be done (like the stars) but I think there might be several characters that are now "done." I need to look at things in the daylight and when I'm not so tired to be certain of their finished state.

Again, just need that coffee. Come on coffee pot hurry up, the children are stirring...






Arianna's Mural: Color time!

by Meredith 5. March 2013 15:17

Monocerus, Argo, Hydra, Orion, Cetus, Taurus, Picses, PegasusStarted applying some color. My first attempt at adding color didn't work out very well. The orange color seemed waaaay too vibrant to me. The first paint on Virgo's dress also just didn't work out. I had everything with an even application of orange and blue and that made nothing stand out. I went back over the dress and made it much more blue and that made a huge difference. It also helped me decide how to approach color on the other characters too. Some are more blue or more orange to make them stand out from the other characters around them. I think that is working out.

Arianna's Mural: Lines, lines, lines...again

by Meredith 3. March 2013 15:14

I spent a good 8hrs painting navigation lines on Arianna's walls today. Now everywhere I look and whenever I close my eyes I see grids.

Arianna's Mural: Thinking About Color

by Meredith 2. March 2013 05:58

I'm going to start a new phase of Arianna's mural today. I want to fill in the images with a light wash of color. Last night I created a board in Pinterest to collect ideas. I'm leaning towards muted colors of a cool grey-blue and a warm orange-red. The intent is that all the images will have the same color treatment instead of looking realistic (e.g.: I'm not going to make the bears brown and the pegasus white).

I have a swatch of fabric tacked to the wall that I keep getting drawn to. It is a grey blue that has brown threads woven into it so there is a orange-red shimmer to the fabric. The orange and blue are complimentary colors and I like the way they resonate but I want to tone them down so that they aren't super bright and hyper. I want cheery but in a calm way (if that makes any sense).

I don't know if I am going to apply the paint really watered down like a watercolor or really dry like a dry brush. I'm going to mix paint and play around on some paper or canvas first. I'll take pictures after today's work.



Arianna's Mural: Lines, lines, lines

by Meredith 1. March 2013 15:07

Cetus, Pisces, Pegasus, Taurus, OrionBrown outlines are done. Time to move on to blue navigation lines. The lines in the background are supposed to be similar to the navigation lines seen on star charts and various other kinds of maps. Think Dr. Who symbols and Time Bandits time map.

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