Fea will be showing at Norwescon 37

by Meredith 4. April 2014 07:18

The Gown of Fea the Soul WeaverThe Gown of Fea the Soul Weaver is an art project that I completed during my senior year at UWT. I'm pulling Fea out of storage and will be displaying her in the art show at Norwescon37. Why? Because Animal X, a costumer who created a costume that was inspirational to the creation of Fea is going to be a guest of honor at the convention. <fan girl squee!>

To celebrate Fea's public showing I've been freshening up the content on this blog; including a couple of new images for my Pinterest albums. My gallery has all the photos of Fea posted as well as a PDF of the complete story.

All the posts about Fea are available in April 2008 section of this blog. Enjoy!







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Brooke Morris
Brooke Morris United States
8/21/2014 7:48:46 AM #

Very beautiful Smile

Carol Dudgeon
Carol Dudgeon Australia
11/19/2014 6:38:38 PM #

Wonderful gown. Smile

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