Sea Turtles

by Meredith 8. February 2020 15:31

Not a group painting or from an event (though inspired by one of those paintings). I made this little painting as a collaboration with Arianna Cook and her sketchbook artwork. She let me copy some sea life sketches from her journal and arranged them into this painting. I'm not sure if it is done or if I'm going to add some lines to the blue.

New Worlds

by Meredith 6. January 2019 13:26

Another meet-up with a friend to paint! Kirsten and I had a paint day while the guys routed network wire. Doing something a bit different, this painting is based off of a painting by Colleen Wilcox instead of the simplified event paintings. To add my own personal spin, I also added artwork from Madeline's and Arianna's sketchbooks. I combed through the pages and found a collection of sketches to integrate into and around the tree.

I call it "New Worlds," a place where cats and owls frolic with 6-legged, crystal dragons among elaborate, alien flowers.

Just Us Girls: Finished

by Meredith 2. August 2017 21:56

Minor tweaks this morning and signed!

Just Us Girls:Almost There

by Meredith 1. August 2017 17:53

I'll have to look at this in the morning but I think it might be done.

Just Us Girls: New Painting Project

by Meredith 26. July 2017 16:50

I'm trying something very new for me. I've taken one of my favorite photos, run some filters on it via Photoshop, transferred to canvas via the grid method, and started to paint in blocks of color. I know this is in the early, ugly stages and this has been really, really hard. Though it looks way better on camera and from a distance. And squinting. With your eyes closed.

Mini Bus Stop Paintings

by Meredith 7. December 2016 13:15

I was kicking around these little canvases for years. Made perfect little gifts.

"You must have seen one of the spirits of the forest, and that means you're a very lucky girl. You can only see the spirits if they want you to."
-My Neighbor Totoro

About Meredith Cook

Welcome to my repository of creative expression. I'm not a happy camper unless I am making something and over the years I have dabbled in quite a few different kinds of art projects. Some projects come from taking art classes, others are completely hobby driven, and projects like home decor come from a need to customize an item and make it better or unique. The overall theme behind what I do is to learn how to manipulate objects and practice what I know about visual aesthetic and good design. Oh yeah, and to have fun.