Laundry Room Signs: Getting Closer

by Meredith 28. December 2016 07:31

Three more done and on the wall. The "Unmet People" sign was my biggest attempt at making my own arrangement. I have new appreciation for digital design work and how simple it is to just nudge something over a bit. With this project a bad judgement generally means commitment or starting over.



Laundry Room Signs: When the Paper Peels...

by Meredith 26. December 2016 10:27

...Find a new adhesive. Ack, glue failure! Many of the papers that I glued to the signs with spray adhesive have peeled up. Now I have to reglue the papers down. I'm trying rubber cement first but I think Mod Podge to seal the whole thing will work best.

Laundry Room Signs: Sarcasm is My Superpower

by Meredith 18. December 2016 10:57

I just love painting signs. I wish I could paint so many more of them.

I can tell I am coming to the end of the project. Even the text is starting to be a bit sarcastic.

Laundry Room Signs: The Saga Continues

by Meredith 4. December 2016 09:48

Five more done. I suspect I will be pretty sick of making these when they're all done. Reminder: Etsy has some nice signs for sale.

Laundry Room Signs: It Sparkles!

by Meredith 3. December 2016 08:42

Working on my laundry room signs. If I can do one a day I'll have them done in like a month. LOL! Not too bad for hand lettering though. Latest laundry sign has glitter.

Laundry Room Signs: A Home Decor Project

by Meredith 9. November 2016 06:33

Our laundry room is also the guest bathroom so it gets a lot of traffic. I can't help the clutter and the general "lived in" look of the room because, well, we live here. So I thought I would bring something interesting into the room. Pinterest and home decor magazines tell me that my laundry room must have themed art on display. My plan is to dial that to 11 and cover all available wall space with kitschy laundry themed signs.

There is also a second mission to this project, I really want to tackle hand lettering and sign making. What better way to face this challenge than to replicate a bunch of stuff and force myself through the process.

Step 1: Gather every laundry pun, joke, sign, or comic I could find off the internet. No plagiary here, not claiming anything here as my own except replicating for my own use. There is nothing for sale here, in fact I strongly encourage anyone wanting their own laundry signs, to visit the many craft people of Etsy.

Step 2: For the boards, I had some old corporate awards to repurpose and the rest I dug out some scrap wood. Husband helped me route the edges and add keyholes to the backs for hanging (router bits are expensive, yo!). I painted the wood and applied scrapbook paper to some.

Step 3: The long and arduous process of penciling in the lettering. I used other signs people had designed as a guide plus trying out other fonts I found interesting. Many lessons have been learned.

Step 4: Carefully paint the letters in and use pens to outline.

Pine Bed Project: Done!

by Meredith 17. January 2016 11:35

Maddie's bed is all set up! It took mallets and a little extra sanding on a few of the pieces to make them go back together but they eventually all fit. Got it done yesterday so she could sleep on it last night.

Pine Bed Project: Second Coat

by Meredith 13. January 2016 16:30

Second coat is done and seems to have cured ok. No cloudiness and everything sparkles. We have success! I've moved the pieces into the a part of the house to air out in a warmer environment. We plan to start assembling the bed Friday and Saturday.

I love these smooth rounded tops!

Pine Bed Project: First Coat

by Meredith 10. January 2016 15:28

First coat polyurethane. Further research on the amine blush made me believe that my initial sanding should have removed any blush that was on there. Any cloudiness that I saw after that is minor scratches that a polyurethane should fill in.

Pine Bed Project: Photo Proof

by Meredith 11. November 2015 14:27

Hunter recorded proof that I am working on the bed frame. It is a wet, cold, messy and miserable job. I wear ear protection so I can listen to podcasts while I work and after a couple of hours my ears are sore and my hands are numb. 

I'm using an electric palm sander to wet sand the large areas of epoxy that spilled over the side. Sometimes I can use a box knife to (carefully!) pry up the hardened drips but a lot of the ridges need to be sanded down. 80 to 100 grit works fairly well for the first pass and then I use a 180 to 220 to lightly go over the pine and even out the finish.

Those poor sawhorses will never be the same after this.

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