The race is on!

by Meredith 6. March 2012 15:49

Can we get the last of the game updates done before baby arrives?

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The code is flying around here, 1s and 0s everywhere!

by Meredith 27. February 2012 15:54

Lots and lots of hours have gone into working on Flip in the last couple of weeks. Hunter and I were reflecting on how we're not playing games together, instead we're making them. I think I am ok with that (at least for a little while longer).

Flip the Bird Status Update

New cross promotional ad for Flip the Bird

by Meredith 16. February 2012 15:59

Been doing lots of graphics work over the past few days for our game. It's been kind of nice to have something to focus on that isn't painting related. :P My body doesn't like sitting in a computer chair for very long and I stayed up waaaaaay too late last night putting this ad together, but hopefully the cross promotional ad will help boost sales of the game and the late nights will pay off in the end.
Also staying up into the weeeee hours of the morning, Hunterhas been plugging away at the programming to-do list and making some good progress. I love seeing the new graphics that I put so many hours into creating get animated on the screen. Cool stuff.

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Flip the Bird: Contest Time

by Meredith 27. January 2012 16:07

Just a few more days left to get in on the contest action. All you have to do is hit "LIKE" on the "Flip the Bird" facebook page and share this photo and we'll put your name in the drawing.

The free copy of the game is a promotion code so if you don't own an iPhone but know someone that does, you both can enter and double their chances to win! :)
Help us spread the word about our app and get some "likes" on our FB page.

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Feeling some holiday guilt?

by Meredith 30. December 2011 15:28

Are you feeling guilty because you didn't get me something for the holidays? Well here's a gift... like the FB page for Flip the Bird! :) You don't have to have an iPhone, like games, or have any love for obese avian acrobatics. Just your fondness for me and making me happy should be motivation enough to follow the link and hit "like" on the page.
Now, if you really, really want to show me that you care, share the page on your own wall and guilt your friends into liking the page too. That would be love, true love! :D

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The New Phonebook’s Here!

by Meredith 29. November 2011 21:31

"Flip the Bird is live... The new app is here! The new app is here! I'm somebody now. Millions of people look at the App Store a day. I'm somebody now. This is the kind of spontaneous publicity that makes people! :D
(at least until we get a bad review. I think that is how the sniper applies to this ;) )

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Arianna's Mural: Night Theme

by Meredith 2. November 2011 15:33

Painting the night skyUnlike Madeline's mural, these images are all night themed. So I painted in the background sky shades of dark blue and black. I will add clouds on top of this, then later stars and other stuff that is still to be determined. The rest of the mural will look like map drawings on the wall. The overall theme is star charts so I plan to select specific constellations to put up.

Arianna's Mural: Have work table, will paint

by Meredith 2. November 2011 13:35

Painting work tableThe sign that I am committed to this project: the work table is set up!. Already being filled with stuff, I have my collection of images and paint supplies. Very important to leave a little bit of room left for a cup of coffee.

Arianna's Mural: Windows

by Meredith 1. November 2011 15:28

Taping off the window archesThe plan is to mimic the arches in Madeline's room but not devote the whole wall to them. I decided that the perspective in this room is going to be from the boat floating out on the sea in Maddie's room. These windows are the portholes on the boat and we will be looking up at the castle. First step is to tape off the windows before painting in the background.





Arianna's Mural: Wall Texture

by Meredith 31. October 2011 15:27

A friend came over and helped me complete the wall texturing. I used the same technique as Madeline's room but made the colors a shade lighter. This room is smaller so I wanted to keep the color light. Base coat is a warm beige and top coats are antique white and a 50/50 mix of the beige with the white. I still need to paint the trim in the room and then I will be ready to start the mural work.

I hope to get some stuff sketched out onto the walls next week. I checked out a whole stack-load of books about constellations from the library and now I need to piece together the images I want on the walls.

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